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Swansea & Brecon Diocese

Brecon Ministry Area

Community Audit Researcher Job Description


A Community Audit is a fascinating piece of work, it is an information gathering exercise to get to know the community and build relationships with the people who live in our Ministry Area.


We are looking for a friendly, approachable and reliable person who can help us carry out a Community Audit in the Brecon Ministry Area. You will need to be confident in meeting new people and able to listen and retain information. You will need to be able to write succinct notes and keep accurate records. You will also need to be competent in online searches and summarising the statitistical evidence.



i)  To contact community members; civic leaders and any other person/s within the Ministry Area who could make a useful contribution to the audit and ask them to complete the Community Survey Questionnaire.

ii)  To carry out online research to gather the statistical information underpinning the Community Audit.

iii) To keep appropriate records.

iv)  To keep your supervisor updated on progress.


Please note this is a temporary freelance post lasting four weeks.

Part payment will be paid at halfway point dependent on quality and number of returned questionnaires.

Up to £20 for travel expenses (all locations are within approx. 1.5 miles of St Mary’s Brecon)

Hours to be flexible according to the availability of contacts.


For more information please contact

The Revd Steven Griffith

Diocesan Office

Brecon Cathedral Close


01874 623857 or email