It was the Leavers’ Service at the Cathedral this morning, a special day to celebrate Church in Wales pupils’ time in primary school before they move on.

The theme of today’s service was prayer, and the cathedral featured many different prayer spaces for pupils to explore.

The reading, given by the head of Newbridge-on-Wye Church in Wales school Helen Nixon, was from John 17: 1-11, and the address was given by Archbishop John.

“Jesus wants us to remain faithful to him, wherever we are, whenever we may be there and with whoever we may be,” he said. “And so much of what you’ve done in this service, so much of the prayer that you’ve offered, so much about the talk that you’ve offered about moving on and changing, going to different places, has been focused on your trying to remain faithful to everything you’ve learned in your schools about the ways Jesus would have you live.

“So when you think about Jesus, try not to think about somebody who just lived years and years and years ago. Try and remember that Jesus is alive now, that Jesus prays for you now and is anxious for you now. That Jesus loves you now.

“As you move on to new things he is always with you, always there, always ready to speak to you and guide and lead you, if only you might be ready to listen.”

Prayers were led by the worship council from Knighton Church in Wales primary and pupils from Clyro performed a prayer play. Pupils from Llandrindod’s Ysgol Trefonnen also reflected on what it means to belong in school.

At the end of the service pupils were presented with gifts of a Bible and cross.