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Educational, school, and group visits are possible at the Cathedral (including climbing the Tower) by contacting the Cathedral Office. Inside there is much to enjoy, including:



Inside the Cathedral is the The Havard Chapel which became a War Memorial to the South Wales Borderers (the 24th Regiment of Foot) and the Monmouthshire Regiment in 1923. There is a Roll of Honour commemorating all those who died in the two World Wars and other members of the two Regiments have personal memorial plaques on the backs of the pews. The Colours of antecedent Regiments have been laid up over the years and hang from the Chapel walls and of particular interest are the Colours of 1st Battalion the 24th Regiment of Foot which served with such distinction during the Zulu War of 1879. Given their unique nature, these Colours have been preserved for posterity in purpose built perspex cases.


Ours is the largest Norman font in Wales dating from c.1150 (but perhaps nearly 200 years before that) with grotesque symbolical carvings.


One of fewer than 100 wooden statues in Britian survived being burnt at the Reformation or by Cromwell's soldiers.

Cathedral Tower Tours

View Brecon and the beautiful scenery from the Cathedral tower.

Monday-Friday (Mornings only)

Groups welcome (minimum number of 6 and a maximum of 10) for £5 per person.

Booking prior to your visit is essential.

You can book by calling the Cathedral office during office hours, or by email.